Gunboat Diplomacy, out January 3rd!


Baen Books


I have been reading Baen Books for as long as I can remember. I'm honored to have a story in the upcoming Freehold: Resistance anthology, edited by Michael Z Williamson

Chris Kennedy Publishing


Chris Kennedy Publishing is home to Mil-SF, Fantasy, Supernatural Horror, Young Adult, and the ridonkulously popular Four Horsemen series. In addition to being the publisher and "factory boss", Chris is a core author for Four Horsemen and has his own series' as well.

I'm thrilled to be editing my first anthology with Chris Kennedy, entitled "We Dare"

Cannon Publishing


Because Imagination Has No Limits

Cannon Publishing is an Independent Publisher owned and operated by J.F. Holmes, a former artilleryman and veteran who's written the Irregular Scout Team, Invasion, and Black Rifle Investigations series'.

Superversive Press


 Superversive Press wants to make Fiction hopeful again. Join us in making a heroic, inspirational and uplifting future for fiction! 

Read My Friends' Stuff!

Mark Wandrey 

Mark is the original creator of the Four Horsemen Universe, as well as the Earth Song series, The Turning Point series, and his site is where you purchase 4HU Challenge Coins, official swag, and more. Building worlds since 1987

Kacey Ezell 

Dama Kacey, core Four Horsemen author, clan co-boss of the #catssassins with Marisa Wolf, author of The Psyche War series, Black Tide Rising contributor, and much more! Kacey will have a story in my upcoming anthology, We Dare as well!

Marisa Wolf  

Dama Marisa, core Four Horsemen author and clan co-boss of the #catssassins. Marisa will be in We Dare as well!

Kevin Ikenberry 

Peacemaker Six - core Four Horsemen Author and creator of humanity's first Peacemaker, Jessica Francis. He's also done Sleeper Protocol, Vendetta Protocol, and Runs in the Family. Kevin's story for We Dare, "Come Up Screaming", takes place during a "time passes" break in Runs in the Family.

Jon Osborne 

Jon was recently elevated to core Four Horsemen author and games master. He's primary lead on getting the Four Horsemen out of novels and short stories, and into RPGers' dice-filled hands. He's also writing the Milesian Accords trilogy, beginning with A Reluctant Druid

Jason Cordova 

Four Horsemen author and creator of the amazing Kin Wars Saga - Wraithkin, Darkling, Deathlords, Homeguard... and more to come. "Imperfect Mind" in We Dare is a prequel story for the Kin Wars Saga.

Kevin Steverson 

Kevin is author and creator of the wildly popular Salvage series, beginning with Salvage Title, then Salvage System. Salvage Fleet comes out April 26th. "Taming the Beast" is a Salvage story that will appear in We Dare as well.

Rob Howell 

Rob is creator of the Shijuren fantasy setting and contributed short stories to Four Horsemen in "For a Few Credits More" and "Luck Is Not A Factor." More to come shortly, including a story in We Dare.

Dr Rob Hampson, aka "Speaker" 

When he's not busy turning science fiction into science fact, "Speaker", is launching a fiction side gig of his own with Four Horsemen, and his short story "Angel" will be in We Dare. 

Christopher Woods

Christopher wrote Legend for Four Horsemen, the Soulguard series, and one of my new favorites, This Fallen World. "Kade" is a prequel for This Fallen World from *before* the apocalypse and before the Agents were cut loose from their Corporate masters.

JF Posthumus

J.F. Postumus wrote The Fae's Amulet, a modern urban fantasy about The Lady of Death, a 300 year old necromancer working as... a private investigator?

Alex Rath 

Alex is just launching his writing career, and is starting with a bang and the forthcoming With Your Shield in the Four Horsemen universe, co-written with Chris Kennedy. 

The Baeniacs

Michael Z Williamson

Michael Z Williamson is an author, provocateur, gun nut, gun expert, bladesmith, mischief maker, and Facebook Jailbird. When not getting his profiles banned a month at a time, he is usually expressing his opposition to some internet foolishness or another (see 'banned', above). He's written the Freehold series, Ripple Creek series, and A Long Time Until Now, with more on the way.

Larry Correia 

Larry is the hugely successful author of the Monster Hunter series, the Grimnoir series, the Dead Six series with Mike Kupari, the Malcontents series in the Warmachine universe, and the in-progress Saga of the Forgotten Warrior. He lives in a mountaintop fortress in rural Utah.

Mike Massa 

Mike Massa did a bunch of stuff he mostly doesn't get to talk about, then went and did a bunch of other super secret squirrel stuff, and now he's launched a writing career, having contributed to both Black Tide Rising anthologies and co-writing the continuing adventures of Tom Smith in Valley of Shadow and its sequel, River of Night. Personally, I'm looking forward to learning more about The Genius War as it develops...

John Ringo

More to follow, as soon as I figure out what's up with his website...