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Priorities - To Be Men - Superversive Press


Priorities - Constable Gavin Morse has been all work, no play, and his family misses him. A day working with kids who lack a father figure at home remind him what's most important in life.

Above My Paygrade - The Hundred Worlds - Cannon Publishing


The Citizens who run the UN's Community Services and Crime Prevention are one of the most feared organizations in human space. When the UNES Beowulf limps home from a mission gone horribly wrong, things go from bad to worse for the crew when Citizen Pratt gets involved.

The Humans Inside - Luck Is Not A Factor - Seventh Seal Press


LINAF is the fifth Four Horsemen anthology and Coronado's Finest makes its first appearance. The spiritual descendents of the Pacific Fleet SEALs are hired to go recover some a precious Mk IX CASPer from the aliens who've stolen it, looking for the tech that makes human mercs so dangerous.

Little Grey Man - Mecha, Vol 1 - Cannon Publishing


When alien ships tear loose from their subterranean hiding spots, Earth goes to war. After years of fighting and conflict, allied troops from multiple nations have launched one last desperate strike on the largest of the alien ships in their bodged together Cerberus walkers. British, Canadian, and American troops fight their way past cyborg enemies deeper and deeper into the heart of the largest, last city-ship the aliens have.

Myrmidons Inc - We Dare - Theogony Press

We Dare title banner

In a first, I am both contributing author and co-editor of We Dare, a Mil-SF anthology that asks, "How will science make humans smarter / stronger / faster / tougher / better in years to come?" 

The Contractors of Myrmidons Inc are some of the toughest cyborgs around, but when they find themselves in the middle of a WMD strike, merely surviving isn't good enough.

Daimyo - From the Ashes - Bad Moon Press


Set in Christopher Woods' This Fallen World setting, Daimyo is set in the Pacific Northwest, twenty years after the bombs fell. Survivors from the Seattle Sprawl's Teledyne office have established a little piece of civilization outside town, where everyone has a place and everyone is in their place. And in this fallen world, a Daimyo's place is between his people and those who would harm them.

The Sage V'Sal - Area 51 Project - Bayonet Books


And now, for something completely different. 

Yes, the book is about Area 51, and the madness that has gripped social media regarding the "Raid Area 51, They Can't Stop All Of Us" event scheduled for September 20th. 

The Sage V'Sal is my first high fantasy tale, regarding Arazorwyn the Elf King, Slaag the First Spear of the Lizardmen, Lord Brodie, Warrior Primus of the dwarves, and Hrolf of the northern Wulfen. Trust me, yes, it has to do with Area 51.

Dead Men Walking - Negotiation - Seventh Seal Press


When we last saw Coronado's Finest, they were escaping from the planet Tyrthas with a prototype Mark 9 CASPer. But the moment they exit the hyperspace gate connecting systems, they learn the Merc Guild has attacked humanity and ordered any human mercs captured or killed. Months pass before a Depik hunter arrives to help. Will they escape? Or are they just dead men walking?

Cry Havoc - Freehold: Resistance - Baen Books


 We've seen the War for Grainne from Kendra Pacelli's perspective, but the entire planet was under siege. Cry Havoc catches up with the last surviving members of the FMF's Combat Leopard Contingent when they stop playing hide and seek, and start playing seek and destroy. Stan Kirby is back with his entire team of handlers, and this time, they're crying havoc and letting slip the cats of war 

Gunboat Diplomacy - Seventh Seal Press - January 3


The Pushtal of Vorrhurna were once one of the Mercenary Guild’s 37 races. After a series of disastrous contracts, the tiger-like aliens lost their status as mercenaries and the MinSha seized their homeworld for defaulting on their debt. Eighty years later, the seven Great Clans are but a shadow of their former selves and have resorted to piracy to survive.

For his commissioning mission, Hr’ent Golramm and a small team of bounty hunters must find a way to put a stop to their predations. Not one race or species in the entire Union has figured out how to herd cats – but then again, Hr’ent is a particularly unusual Peacemaker candidate, and may just have to engage in a bit of gunboat diplomacy to get the Pushtal to pay attention, once and for all.